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SubjectProcessor priority in the scheduler (entry in /proc ?)

I would like to know if there is any patch available that implement some
kind of interface under /proc to set the priority of each processor (in SMP)
in the scheduler. I would like to make a daemon that monitor the temp
sensors and fan speeds, so it can keep both of them at the lowest temp by
setting priority to the cooler processor. Even it could be possible to
really stop one processor making it almost impossible to "win" in a
scheduler competition between the two (or more processor). This way you can
prevent damage if one of the fans get broken. I'm sure other people would
find interesting uses for such an interface to the kernel.

And such an interface should be trivial (or at least quite easy :-) to
implement. Even just a /proc/sys/kernel/scheduler directory with entries for
each processor (0,1, etc) and a number (say from 0 to 65535 ?) originally
set equal for all and writable by root ... that denote some kind of weighted
probabilty to choose that processor, with 0 means no posibility, and be sure
that not all of them are 0 simultaneously.


- german

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