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Subject2.4.6-ac2: "uart401: bad devc"
Linux 2.4.6-ac2 with CONFIG_MIDI_VIA82CXXX set does cause a 
kernel hang on my setup. On the first sound I play (ie cat >/dev/dsp)
an endless stream of "uart401: bad devc" messages shows up on the
console - everything else hangs.

Related config details:

/dev/dsp is on a sound blaster live, via82cxxx_audio is the second
sound card (not really used). Both are loaded as modules.

emu10k1 and via82cxxx share the same interrupt (5). I assume that
the via midi driver gets confused by the interrupt that was meant
for the sound blaster live.

If I try a kernel without CONFIG_MIDI_VIA82CXXX defined, the problem


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