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SubjectRe: ORBS blacklist is BROKEN (deliberately)...

Michael H. Warfield wrote:

> > > is the key. "Ronald F. Guilmette"
> > > <> sent this message to spam lists. Anybody still using
> > > ORBS for lookups can expect to get random mail bounces.
> > Yeah he's decided to solve his load problem by committing an act of criminal
> > fraud, computer misuse and a few other violations
> I can't find any crimes or violations that he's commiting.
> His ethics may suck, but his system is being used against his explicitly
> stated wishes.

Maybe you misunderstood who "he" refers to?

I took it as referring to the Alan Brown (the ORBS maintainer), rather
than to to Ron Guilmette (who doesn't want his DNS server to be used).

I know that isn't what a literal reading of the quote and Alan's reply
suggests, but it seems to make more sense to me.

Alan can you clarify this please? (I know that this isn't particularly
on-topic, but now that it's been said ...).

Glynn Clements <>
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