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SubjectRe: __KERNEL__ removal (Jeff Garzik)  wrote on 14.07.01 in <>:

> If we want to avoid the retyping (which is IMHO the most clean
> separation for all cases, even if it involves drudgery) then separating
> out code into libc-only headers would be nice.

Not that I think anyone is going to take me up on this, judging from prior
experience ...

... but if we are looking for a clean solution to types and constants that
are needed to communicate between kernel and user space, IMO the thing to
do is to define these in some sort of generic format, and have a tool to
generate actual headers from that according to whatever kernel, libc or
whoever wants to see. Possibly more than one tool as requirements differ.

That generic format *could* be a restricted form of C (restricted to only
those features needed for this task), but need not be.

The tool in question is not all that difficult to write; *if* people think
this is the right way to go (and agree on some of the necessary details),
I could write it. In C, even, so it doesn't need extra tools.

MfG Kai
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