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SubjectProblems with an older card on XFree86

First off all I want to apologize posting to this list, but I had
no ideea where else to ask this question.

I recently installed Slackware Linux 8.0 on my machine, but
XFree86 does not work corectly. I managed to configure it, but it only
runs is VESA mode because I found no driver for my card (S3 Trio64V2
DX/GX). In all modes (640x480 and 800x600), about 2centimeters in the top
area of the screen (2centimeters in height and all the screen in width)
are remapped randomly on the screen. I'll try to explain this behaviour:
If I open any aplication and then maximize it, when I try to reach the
titlebar of the aplication, the mouse is moved in the lower part of the
screen. It's just like the 2 centimeters that are not shown in the upper
part of the screen are redrawn in the lower part. Is there any solution to
this, or I'll have to switch back to 3.3.6 to get my card working again ?


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