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Subject[PATCH] Linux default IP ttl
The following patch changes the default ip_default_ttl from 64 to 128 hops.
This matches the
default of many modern client OS of my server farms and the logic is that
anything that
capable of reaching me should also be reachable by me.

This has reduced considerably the number of ICMP messages where a packet has
in transit from my server farms. Looks like there are a lot of clients out
there running
(apparently) modern Microsoft OS versions with networks having a lot of hops
(more than 64).

--- linux/include/linux/ip.h.orig Sun Jul 15 08:41:07 2001
+++ linux/include/linux/ip.h Sun Jul 15 08:41:40 2001
@@ -65,7 +65,7 @@

#define IPVERSION 4
#define MAXTTL 255
-#define IPDEFTTL 64
+#define IPDEFTTL 128

/* struct timestamp, struct route and MAX_ROUTES are removed.

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