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SubjectRe: (patch-2.4.6) Fix oops with Iomega Clik! (ide-floppy)
On Sat, Jul 14, 2001 at 11:46:46PM -0400, Jeff Garzik wrote:

1) this is the same fscking thing we have now with ifdef __KERNEL__

Except it is completely ignored by the preprocessor.

2) if you are coming up with a -new- token, realize that
kernel-private stuff is the common case, and use

Sure, whatever works... the points I am trying to make are:

* Don't pollute kernel headers with unnecessary pre-processor junk.

* Give the LIBC people the power to choose which parts of the
headers they ingore and otherwise.

* Linus et al, can merge patches from LIBC people knowing they
should only affect LIBC, not the kernel.

It doesn't matter what the token(s) is/are --- by making them comments
and invisible to the kernel is make life easier.

Also, if the LIBC people want something like:

typedef unsigned int uint32_t;

then it could look like:


typedef unsigned int uint32_t;


or whatever. All the libc specific stuff hidden in comments, and
shared stuff indictaed by comments. A simple script can then produce
LIBC suitable headers from the kernel ones.


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