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SubjectRe: Again: Linux 2.4.x and AMD Athlon

On Sat, 14 Jul 2001, Gabriel Friedmann wrote:

> This bums me out. AS i am using ABIT kt7a-raid with the kt133a chipset, and
> 3dnow kernel optimizations and i oops right as i boot (sometimes before i
> complete any init-scripts).
> Anyways... I am confirming a problem with my via chipset and 3dnow
> optimizations. VIA82CXXX in kernel support not affecting outcome.
mmm, i have also one Athlon (my workstation) with the same MB and
everything works with AThlon optimizzations and 3dnow enabled...

When i got an oops it was because i configured the bios to erogate just
1.7 volt to the processor instead of default 1.75 volts (too hot here,
with 31 degrees it is difficoult to keep cold a processor like this).

I think that FSB speed is the key, at less for some of the VIA chipset. I
have there an Athlon 1300
Mhz with 13x100 setting and FSB of 200 Mhz.

Are you using a processor with 266 Mhz FSB?

(All 266 Mhz FSB Athlon I administer are running on AMD chipset).

Luigi Genoni

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