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SubjectRe: ORBS blacklist is BROKEN (deliberately)...

I don't understand. Other sites are connecting to his server and trying to
obtain information he doesn't want to provide. He's tried repeatedly to have
his server removed as a nameserver for orbs and been refused. So now he's
chosen to return bogus answers to sites that query his server against his will.
How can that be a crime?

It reminds me of something I read once about a man who started receiving lots of
phone calls intended for a business. It seems the business had recently gotten
a new phone number that was the same as his home number (but with a different
area code). People who called the new number (but left out the area code)
reached the man's home. He tried to get the business to change their new number
(they'd had it for only a short time, whereas he had had his number for years).
They refused. So he started answering these calls by pretending to be an
employee of the business and being rude to the customers. For instance, he told
customers whose voices identified them as members of minority groups, "We don't
do business with you people -- you never pay your bills." It didn't take long
before the business changed their phone number to something that didn't remotely
resemble his number.

This seems to me to be much the same sort of thing. I find both solutions
rather clever, as they bring pressure to bear on the guilty party from sources
whose complaints are more difficult to ignore than those of the original
complainant himself.

Alan Cox <> on 07/14/2001 07:17:46 AM

To: (Keith Owens)
cc: (Matti Aarnio),, (bcc: Wayne Brown/Corporate/Altec)

Subject: Re: ORBS blacklist is BROKEN (deliberately)...

> is the key. "Ronald F. Guilmette"
> <> sent this message to spam lists. Anybody still using
> ORBS for lookups can expect to get random mail bounces.

Yeah he's decided to solve his load problem by committing an act of criminal
fraud, computer misuse and a few other violations

> Because of the way Alan disabled the former ORBS list zones, my name
> server is now shouldering (at least) 1/11th of the total world-wide

[I think he means the way the courts did..]

And guess what, as soon as ORBS got beaten off the net MAPS starts talking
about charging for their service, just like they promised they never would

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