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SubjectRE: Number of File descriptors

> Hello All,
> My interest has been peaked by a recent email. At one
> point, I heard two people speaking
> about how some database guy wanted to have 2000 open files(or
> something crazy like that).
> They said that he must be crazy because the kernel does a
> sequential search through the open
> file descriptors. Anyway, I read a posting an a mail list that
> someone wanted select to
> select on 3000 files. Alright, the question(Finally!):
> To have select() select on 3000 file descriptors,
> they must be open. That's 3000 open
> files. Will select be ultra slow trying to select
> on 3000 file descriptors? Also,
> what is the clarification on the kernel doing a
> sequential search through the open
> file descriptors?

Using 'select' on 3,000 file descriptors is not a problem. I have used
'poll' on 12,000 file descriptors with no problems at all. Performance is
not exactly stellar (you can use threads to improve it) but it's quite good.


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