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SubjectStill spontaneous reboots with 440LX chipsets (2.4.7-pre6)

I have a Soltek AT motherboard with
- a 440LX/EX chipset
- a celeron 533
- 96 mb of ram (tested with memtest86, just to be sure)
- an ATI rage pro (agp)
- a western digital harddisk
- a 3c509b

that's it, nothing fancy.

But ever since the 2.4 series (i used 2.4.3, 2.4.4acXX, 2.4.5ac7 and now
2.4.7-pre6) i get spontaneous reboots quite often. Usually it isn't
doing anything fancy when it happens, no harddisk activity or memory
pressure, it just pops and croaks.

I'm using reiserfs by the way.

I've mentioned this before, but it's still not solved with the newer

Someone told me to not load the agp support, but this didn't help either.

(btw: I tested the memory with memtest, i checked the fan of the cpu,
and the cpu is not overclocked.)

Just thought i'd mention it, because i've seen other people having
spontaneous reboots with LX chipsets.


Mourad DC

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