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SubjectRe: [PATCH] VM statistics code
On Fri, Jul 13, 2001 at 07:08:23PM -0300, Marcelo Tosatti wrote:

With this data we are able to know more about what is really going
on in the VM.

+vm_pglaunder: nr of page_launder() calls
+vm_pglaunder_write: nr of times page_launder() started writting out data to free
+vm_refill_inactive_scan: nr of refill_inactive_scan() calls
+vm_alloc_resched: nr of reschedule's in __alloc_pages() due to a memory shortage.
+vm_kswapd_wakeup: nr of kswapd wakeup's
+vm_kreclaimd_wakeup: nr of kreclaimd wakeup's
+vm_kflushd_wakeup: nr of kflushd wakeup's
+Per-zone statistics:
+free shortage: per-zone free shortage
+inactive shortage: per-zone inactive shortage
+vm_launder_pgscan: number of pages scanned by page_launder
+vm_pgclean: number of pages cleaned (moved to the inactive clean list) by page_launder
+vm_pgskiplocked: number of locked pages skipped by page_launder
+vm_pgskipdirty: number of dirty pages skipped by page_launder
+vm_pglaundered: laundered pages by page_launder
+vm_pgreact: pages reactivated in page_launder
+vm_pgrescue: pages rescue in reclaim_page
+vm_pgagescan: pages scanned by refill_inactive_scan()
+vm_pgagedown: pages aged down by refill_inative_scan()
+vm_pgageup: pages aged up by refill_inactive_scan()/try_to_swap_out()
+vm_pgdeact: deactivated pages by deactivate_page
+vm_pgdeactfail_age: nr of deactivation failures on refill_inactive_scan()
+due to >0 age
+vm_pgdeactfail_ref: nr of deactivation failures on refill_inactive_scan()
+due to zero aged pages with more users than the pagecache
+vm_reclaimfail: failures of reclaim_page() (no freeable clean pages in the inactive
+clean list for this zone)
+vm_ptescan: nr of present ptes scanned by swap_out()
+vm_pteunmap: nr of present ptes unmapped by swap_out()

Some of these seem very specialised and low-level.

Perhaps another /proc entry might be a better idea along with either a
different vmstat, or changes to vmstat such that it will behave as
always if not given a magic command line switch and/or this new /proc
entry isn't present?

Right now, much of what comes form vmstat vaguley resembles other OSs,
with the above, it will be very different.


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