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SubjectRe: Makefile problem and modules
> I wrote a module for IPv6 but there is a case when it is
> compiled.
> (For the moment my code can only work as a module...)
> When IPv6 is compiled as a module, my module is well compiled.
> But if IPv6 is directly in the kernel, my module is not take
> into account (I've got no object file).
> Here is the only line I added to the Makefile (near the end):
> obj-$(CONFIG_IPV6_MYSTUFF) += mystuff.o

In which directory? net/ipv6/ ?

Maybe you need to add

subdir-m += ipv6

in net/Makefile then.
net/ipv6 is not processed during module compilation when CONFIG_IPV6=y
(except net/ipv6/netfilter).

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