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SubjectRe[2]: Question about ext2
> It's implicit - rename can only rename files to files, and
> directories to directories. So the check is made at a higher
> level. Consequently when we get to ext2_rename, if we find
> that the old inode is a directory, we *know* that the new
> one is a directory as well.
Ok, let's look at the higher levels
We call vfs_rename (old_dir, old_dentry, new_dir, new_dentry), which
checks, wether old_dentry->d_inode is directory
If so it calls vfs_rename_dir, if not calls vfs_rename_other
In vfs_rename_dir checked if we can delete old_dentry (by means of may_delete), then if new_dentry->d_inode is present, check if we can delete it
But it is not checked, wether new_dentry->d_inode directory or not
I don't find this check in chain started from syscall and ends in ext2_rename
Correct me if I'm wrong.
Thanks in advance,

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