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SubjectRE: compile and bootdisk problems
>Date:      Fri, 13 Jul 2001 18:38:45 +0200
> Brunet Eric <> linux-kernel@vger.kernel.orgCC:
> compile and bootdisk problems
>i meet some problems in order to create a linux bootdisk:
>therefore, i tries to make a polyvalent kernel (in one floppy) with:
>-no module
>-a lot of ethernet card drivers
>This flopppy disk will be used to boot windows machine with partimage
>program in order to backup entire FS to a backup server!!
>The first, i couldn't compile the kernel with all ethernets card
>drivers, specially i have an errors for the drivers
>"CONFIG_ARM_AM79C961A" and "CONFIG_FEALNX" for kernels 2.4.3 and 2.4.6(i
>think others version too), is it normal??
>For "CONFIG_ARM_AM79C961A":
>am79c961a.c: In function `am79c961_init':
>am79c961a.c:638: `IRQ_EBSA110_ETHERNET' undeclared (first use in this
>am79c961a.c:638: (Each undeclared identifier is reported only once
>am79c961a.c:638: for each function it appears in.)
>make[3]: *** [am79c961a.o] Erreur 1
>make[2]: *** [first_rule] Erreur 2
>make[1]: *** [_subdir_net] Erreur 2
>make: *** [_dir_drivers] Erreur 2
>notice: the definition of IRQ_EBSA110_ETHERNET is in ./include/asm_arm
># define IRQ_EBSA110_ETHERNET 3
>I understand that device is supported only by arm architecure, it >don't compile because it's a x86 machine?? and if yes,why aren't >anywarning message to indicate me that drivers is useless????

Make sure you've run "make <whatever>config", saved a configuration, and then run "make dep". If this doesn't help, talk to the driver's maintainer (look in /path/to/the/kernel/source/tree/MAINTAINERS). Regarding the inclusion of a (maybe) useless driver: in the interest of keeping up code reuse, sometimes the kernel will compile in drivers that aren't needed -- call it an added bonus. 8-)

>-the other problem is in boot sequence, i prapre the kernel image for
>the rootdisk(it work with a Slackware bootdisk) like this:
>> rdev bzImage /dev/fd0
>> rdev -r bzImage 49152 (49152 = ask disk, and read from 0)
>> rdev -R bzImage 0 (to make the root RW and allow to login)
>> dd if=bzImage of=/dev/fd0 bs=1k
>howener then i insert root disk, 10 second oafter, i see this >message:
>>wrong magic

(I could be talking out my butt here and for the rest of my reply; I'd appreciate it if filesystem gurus would back me up... or not) In every boot sector is written a "magic number". This is unique for each filesystem type, and is used upon initial mount for partition type identification; apparently the wrong magic number was written to the disk. (or none at all)

>>MSDOS: Harware sector size is 1024
>>fatfs: bogus cluster size
>>MSDOS: Harware sector size is 1024
>>fatfs: bogus cluster size
>>MSDOS: Harware sector size is 1024
>>fatfs: bogus cluster size
>>UMSDOS: msdos_read_super failed, mount aborted.
>>kernel panic: VFS: Unable to mount fs on 01:00

These are (probably) caused by an incorrect creation of the boot disk; the most foolproof way of making a boot disk at kernel compile-time is simply to run "make bzdisk" (assuming you want ext2 on the floppy). If I'm wrong (and I frequently am; I'm merely a newbie with ambition), I'm sorry (read: don't flame me).

Colin Bayer <>
"Nothing's tweaked to the limit until it's broken. The only good thing about Windows is that it comes like this out of the box."
fortytwo: Linux kernel 2.4.7-pre5 (i686; 1854.66 BogoMips)

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