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SubjectRe: [BUG?] vtund broken by tun driver changes in 2.4.6
>Recompile your VTUND daemon with the new kernel headers (and also updated to
>2.5 vtund, it has some small patches) and you will be fine.

Probably not:

#define TUNSETNOCSUM _IOW('T', 200, int)
#define TUNSETDEBUG _IOW('T', 201, int)
#define TUNSETIFF _IOW('T', 202, int)
#define TUNSETPERSIST _IOW('T', 203, int)
#define TUNSETOWNER _IOW('T', 204, int)

Which is (apart from some extensions) the same as it ever was. However
adding a

printk(KERN_INFO "tun_chr_ioctl() called with cmd=%4.4X
(TUNSETIFF=%4.4X, tun is%s set)\n",
cmd, TUNSETIFF, tun? "":" not");

in tun_chr_ioctl() reveals:

tun_chr_ioctl() called with cmd=54CA (TUNSETIFF=400454CA, tun is not set)

Now, where does the 0x400454CA come from? What happened to the _IOW()
macros? (Tested with 2.4.6 vanilla kernel sources and gcc-2.95.3)

And BTW, you shouldn't include kernel headers from user space programs,
should you.

Joerg Reuter
And I make my way to where the warm scent of soil fills the evening air.
Everything is waiting quietly out there.... (Anne Clark)
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