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SubjectRe: Again: Linux 2.4.x and AMD Athlon
> My BIOS is the latest release.
> I've just phoned with Epox here in Germany and they told me, that their boards
> are testet with linux and they are working.

They dont test with Athlon optimisations on . ;)

> NOTE : Things are ONLY crashing when being NOT root!!

Thats important.

> If i log in as root i can't get KDE/Gnome apps to crash, only when i'm a
> "normal" user! Opening xterm as normal user, su-ing to root and starting
> applications works too!

Do you get random crashes or actual logged kernel oopses. Also what X server

> I'm very, very, very confused!

The kernel isnt known for a tendancy to oops according to user id, so me too

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