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Subjectswsusp again [was Re: Switching Kernels without Rebooting?]

> What I'd *really* like (but don't see how to get there) would be a "save
> system state, shutdown, change kernel and/or hardware, reboot, restore
> state" system (where state is like "I'm logged in on this console, in this
> current directory, and under X I have Netscape running and this page
> displayed" but I don't care about the exact state of Squid or even if my
> ISDN line is dialled in, because those "fix themselves").

Suspend-to-disk, change hardware, restore-from-disk, load neccessary
modules seems quite easy to do with swsusp. It is very different from
suspend-to-disk, change kernel, restore-from-disk (which is guaranteed
to kill you if kernel changes size).

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