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SubjectRe: Again: Linux 2.4.x and AMD Athlon

Am Donnerstag, 12. Juli 2001 09:15 schrieb Thomas Foerster:
> AMD Athlon 1,3 GHz, 266 FSB
> 2*128 MB Kingston SDRAM PC133
> Epox 8KTA3+ (VIA KT133A, via686b Southbridge)
> Linux 2.4.5-ac27
> (Powersupply is 400 Watt, Video is handled by GeForce2 GTS 32 MB)
> ...
> I've monitored my system using lm_sensors and didn't get any unusual high
> or low values (cpu is about 42°)
You mentioned, you've got a 400W power supply. But this does not mean you
have enough (available) current on the 3.3V and 5V lines. Or perhaps your
Core voltage is dropping very hard every time your "monster" graphics card
draws a lot of current. Perhaps you should check that (partly possible via

I also use a 400W supply with a TB1.4 GHz and I can see a drop on the 3.3V
lines every time I start X on a GeForce 2MX...

Salut, Jörg
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