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    SubjectRe: Adaptec SCSI driver lockups
    Hello stefan,

    Thanks for your note. I've recompiled the 2.4.7pre6 with the old adaptec
    drivers (sorry Justin). I just need to get this system stable again.
    It's at the point where I can't take a vacation this summer until I feel
    the system is stable.

    I didn't have the fsck problems I'm using XFS and ReiserFS. If this does
    not fix the problem I'm likely to connect a serial console to figure out
    the problem.

    On Fri, 13 Jul 2001, Stefan Jaschke wrote:

    > On Thursday 12 July 2001 23:21, Luc Lalonde wrote:
    > > Hello folks,
    > >
    > > I'm having trouble identifying wether I'm having hardware or software(
    > > OS ) problems. For the past couple of Months I've been having system
    > > lockups every 10 days or so.
    > I had a similar problem with an Adaptec AHA-29160 (AIC-7892) when
    > doing transfers from a SCSI DVD-drive to SCSI hard disk. It was actually
    > very annoying since
    > - I did an update to SuSE 7.2
    > - it almost destroyed my installation (several runs of e2fsck needed, some
    > libs broken after the crash)
    > - the SCSI bus hang appeared not immediatly, but after several minutes
    > of activity.
    > I tried:
    > (1) to load aic7xxx_old (see
    > -> crashed also.
    > (2) I tried to disable tagged command queuing or set "tag_info" to
    > more moderate values since I noticed that the queue length was set
    > to an incredible length of 253. However, the new driver from Adaptec
    > just ignores the old kernel parameters.
    > (3) According to an SDB article
    > (,
    > I manually set all PCI slots to different interrupts (but I could not set
    > the interrupt of the graphics card). -> crashed also
    > (4) I finally managed to get a workable system again by booting with a 2.2.x
    > kernel (SuSE 7.1), copying the DVD to a hard disk and then install from the
    > hard disk.
    > (5) I compiled a custom kernel and set the queue length parameter to 8. The
    > system now appears to be stable with the new (!) driver.
    > My guess is: the new driver stresses the hardware more than the old driver.
    > And it may at least partly be a hardware problem involving slow devices.
    > (The same configuration that consistently crashed my DVD->HD transfers did
    > not crash in an hour of very heavy HD->HD transfers.)
    > And here is a hint for the developers. Before the driver went into an endless
    > loop of SCSI bus resets, it said something like "locking queue length to 64
    > for device 0:0:0" (the HD that the data was copied to).
    > Hope this helps,
    > Stefan J.
    > --
    > Stefan R. Jaschke <>

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