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SubjectRE: Using ACPI to get PCI routing info?

Where does someone find/get BIOS version F5a for the 6VXD7?
The latest that I see on the Gigabyte web pages is F5.


Gigabyte (and/or AMI and/or VIA) decided that it is not worth
of effort to create full mptable and since version F5a for 6VXD7
they do not report PCI interrupts as 16-19, but only as traditional
0-15 (and they do not report them as conforms/conforms, but as

For now I hardwired correct routing table into my kernel, as
I have other uses for IRQ < 16, but after some investigation I
found that ACPI _SB_.PCI0._PRT element returns correct routing
table (using IRQ 16-19). So my question is, are there any plans
to use ACPI tables to get IRQ routing tables, or should I complain
to Gigabyte that I'm not satisfied (I'll complain anyway, but...)?

Petr Vandrovec

P.S.: No, there is no MPS1.1/MPS1.4 switch in BIOS (anymore) :-(
And no, there is no way to disable ACPI in that BIOS :-((

/* Old working BIOS... 6VXD7 - F2 */
/* 'Broken' 6VXD7 - F5a */
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