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SubjectPatch(2.4.6):serial unmaintained (bugfix pci timedia/sunix/exsys pci cards)
this one-liner fixes a longstanding bug in serial
for Timedia/Sunix/Exsys PCI cards !

The fix was sent to Ted several times since 02/2001 and
uploaded to
There was no reaction.

By listing a defunct MAINTAINER the progress of linux is stuck
as patches go to /dev/null by
- the maintainer (who got lost for unknown, perhaps even valid reasons)
- Linus, as he waits for approval by the maintainer.

Linus, can you please include this patch?

Regards, Gunther

(Without this patch serial recognizes wrong number of serial ports!)
--- linux/drivers/char/serial.c-246 Thu Jul 12 18:12:08 2001
+++ linux/drivers/char/serial.c Thu Jul 12 18:13:40 2001
@@ -4193,7 +4193,7 @@
for (i=0; timedia_data[i].num; i++) {
ids = timedia_data[i].ids;
for (j=0; ids[j]; j++) {
- if (pci_get_subvendor(dev) == ids[j]) {
+ if (pci_get_subdevice(dev) == ids[j]) {
board->num_ports = timedia_data[i].num;
return 0;
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