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Subject[PATCH] locking comment on do_wp_page()
Comment on locking in do_wp_page() is out of date: copy do_swap_page().


--- linux-2.4.7-pre6/mm/memory.c Wed Jul 11 11:23:29 2001
+++ linux/mm/memory.c Thu Jul 12 16:24:55 2001
@@ -888,8 +888,7 @@
* change only once the write actually happens. This avoids a few races,
* and potentially makes it more efficient.
- * We enter with the page table read-lock held, and need to exit without
- * it.
+ * We hold the mm semaphore and the page_table_lock on entry and exit.
static int do_wp_page(struct mm_struct *mm, struct vm_area_struct * vma,
unsigned long address, pte_t *page_table, pte_t pte)
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