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SubjectRe: Switching Kernels without Rebooting?
> On Wed, 11 Jul 2001, C. Slater wrote:
> >Would anyone else like to point out some other task somewhat related
> >and have me do it? :-)
> >
> >> > Before you even try switching kernels, first implement a process
> >> > checkpoint/restart. The process must be resumed after a boot
> >> > using the same
> >> > kernel, with all I/O resumed. Now get it accepted into the kernel.
> >>
> >> Hear, hear! That would be a useful feature, maybe not network servers,
> >> but for pure number crunching apps it would save people having to write
> >> all the state saving and recovery that is needed now for long term
> >> computations.
> >
> >Get a computer with hibernation support. That's just about what it is.
> Bzzzt wrong anser. Hibernation stops the entire kernel. checkpoint restart
> stops processes, saves the entire state of the process. hibernation
> is just halt the processor.

Hibernation may not be.
I've just suspended to disk after the list line, pulled the power supplies,
taken the RAM chip out, shorted the pins to make really sure, then powered
back up.
Everything just resumed fine.

All I'd need to do kernel migration is a quick vi of the
disk file.

(well, almost)

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