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Subject[PATCH] More pedantry.
Using 'errata' as singular instead of 'erratum' seems to one of the more 
common illiteracies found in the kernel.

I'm not sure what the text for the IA64 CONFIG_ACPI20 option
("Enable ACPI 2.0 with errata 1.3") is supposed to mean, so I can't tell
whether that's wrong. It's the only user-visible instance.

As the other instances aren't user-visible, it's probably not worth the
bother of fixing them.

However, I think we should make an exception for arch/ppc/kernel/misc.S and
arch/i386/kernel/smp.c, in which which we invent a new plural 'erratas' for
the word 'errata' which was already a plural. That is just such an abuse of
the language that I felt it needed to be fixed even though it isn't

English or C. Pick one. Be incoherent in the other.

Index: arch/ppc/kernel/misc.S
RCS file: /inst/cvs/linux/arch/ppc/kernel/misc.S,v
retrieving revision
diff -u -r1.3.2.25 misc.S
--- arch/ppc/kernel/misc.S 2001/07/03 09:34:19
+++ arch/ppc/kernel/misc.S 2001/07/12 10:00:24
@@ -813,7 +813,7 @@
mtspr HID0, r3
- SYNC /* Handle erratas in some cases */
+ SYNC /* Handle errata in some cases */

Index: arch/i386/kernel/smp.c
RCS file: /inst/cvs/linux/arch/i386/kernel/smp.c,v
retrieving revision
diff -u -r1.6.2.26 smp.c
--- arch/i386/kernel/smp.c 2001/02/24 19:12:22
+++ arch/i386/kernel/smp.c 2001/07/12 10:00:24
@@ -28,21 +28,21 @@
* The Linux implications for SMP are handled as follows:
* Pentium III / [Xeon]
- * None of the E1AP-E3AP erratas are visible to the user.
+ * None of the E1AP-E3AP errata are visible to the user.
* E1AP. see PII A1AP
* E2AP. see PII A2AP
* E3AP. see PII A3AP
* Pentium II / [Xeon]
- * None of the A1AP-A3AP erratas are visible to the user.
+ * None of the A1AP-A3AP errata are visible to the user.
* A1AP. see PPro 1AP
* A2AP. see PPro 2AP
* A3AP. see PPro 7AP
* Pentium Pro
- * None of 1AP-9AP erratas are visible to the normal user,
+ * None of 1AP-9AP errata are visible to the normal user,
* except occasional delivery of 'spurious interrupt' as trap #15.
* This is very rare and a non-problem.


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