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SubjectRe: Improving (network) IO performance ...

On 12-Jul-2001 Dan Kegel wrote:
> Very cool. Thanks for doing a no-scan implementation of /dev/poll!
> Two questions:
> 1) have you compared its performance against Vitaly Luban's
> signal-per-fd patch? Even though it's realtime-signal based,
> there's some hope for it being quite efficient. See
> and

There's more than the event collapsing inside the patch.
I saw the Luban's work but I decided to use the Lever-Provos /dev/poll as a
performance meter ( and the old poll() obviously ).
This coz I read papers where RT signals implementations resulted to have less
performance when compared to /dev/poll.

> 2) A little birdie told me that someone had gotten a freebsd
> box to handle something like half a million connections.
> I would like to see you extend the horizontal axis of your graph
> by a couple orders of magnitude :-)

Here You can find the new statistics with 16000 connections :

I cannot reach that number of connections of the test machine coz the socket
buffer space will eat all my memory ( 128 Mb ).
Anyway the graph speaks quite clear about the tendency to greater numbers of

> p.s. I have updated
> with a link to your report.

Thanks, the page is a work in progress anyway.

- Davide

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