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SubjectRe: receive stats null for bond0 in 2.4.6
Jeff Golds wrote:
> So what's wrong with collecting the slaves' receive stats and reporting
> them as stats for the bonding driver? At least then you can quickly see
> the total for all devices currently owned by the bonding device.
> Stats are just a tool so that you can see if things are behaving
> properly, you can report back whatever you like. I prefer to have the
> bonding driver collect the slaves' stats so you can easily see if
> enslaved devices are receiving packets. If you want to see which device
> is getting more traffic, that's easy to see by looking at the individual
> slave.

the person who ported the driver over to 2.4 from 2.2 made that choice.

It wasn't me. It was one of the network guys (Dave/Alexy/??).

One problem with collecting all the stats into the bonding driver -
which I have seen, is you can quickly start to overflow counters. And
they don't roll over.

Thomas Davis | ASG Cluster guy |
(510) 486-4524 | "80 nodes and chugging Captain!"
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