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    SubjectRe: CPU affinity & IPI latency
    Be careful tuning for LMbench (says the author :-)

    Especially this benchmark. It's certainly possible to get dramatically better
    SMP numbers by pinning all the lat_ctx processes to a single CPU, because
    the benchmark is single threaded. In other words, if we have 5 processes,
    call them A, B, C, D, and E, then the benchmark is passing a token from
    A to B to C to D to E and around again.

    If the amount of data/instructions needed by all 5 processes fits in the
    cache and you pin all the processes to the same CPU you'll get much
    better performance than simply letting them float.

    But making the system do that naively is a bad idea.

    This is a really hard area to get right but you can take a page from all
    the failed process migration efforts. In general, moving stuff is a bad
    idea, it's much better to leave it where it is. Everything scales better
    if there is a process queue per CPU and the default is that you leave the
    processes on the queue on which they last run. However, if the load average
    for a queue starts going up and there is another queue with a substantially
    lower load average, then and ONLY then, should you move the process.

    I think if you experiment with that you'll see that lat_ctx does well and
    so do a lot of other things.

    An optimization on that requires hardware support. If you knew the number
    of cache misses associated with each time slice, you could factor that in
    and start moving processes that have a "too high" cache miss rate, with the
    idea being that we want to keep all processes on the same CPU if we can
    but if that is causing an excessive cache miss rate, it's time to move.

    Another optimization is to always schedule an exec-ed process (as opposed
    to a forked process) on a different CPU than its parent. In general, when
    you exec you have a clear boundary and it's good to spread those out.

    All of this is based on my somewhat dated performance efforts that lead to
    LMbench. I don't know of any fundamental changed that invalidate these
    opinions but I could be wrong.

    This is an area in which I've done a pile of work and I'd be interested
    in keeping a finger in any efforts to fix up the scheduler.
    Larry McVoy lm at
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