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SubjectRe: Again: Linux 2.4.x and AMD Athlon
Thomas Foerster wrote:
> Seems to be the problem with the AMD optimazion in the kernel.

Funny, I have only had one minor problem with my setup. It's the same
processor, only with one 512 meg PC133 block, and the ASUS A7V133
motherboard (which is equipped with the same chipset). My videocard is also
the same (ASUS V-7700), but my PSU is only 300Mhz.

The only instability I've experienced is when I was running KDM on both vt7
and vt8, and then logging out from X. Sometimes (entirely random) it would
freeze solid (something like once a week). I've had this setup since 2.4.1,
and the kernel has always been compiled with Athlon optimizations, and with
VIA 82CXXX chipset support.

As a sidenote, Linux runs blazingly fast! I was a little worried about the
recent mucking about VIA-chipsets when I ordered my hardware, but those
worries has been put to shame... Or maybe I'm just lucky ;-)

Oh, yeah, my computer is turned on and using cycles some 5-10 hours per
day, right now running 2.4.6.

If there's anything I can help with regarding this VIA-problem, please let
me know. I'm probably not worth anything as a kernel hacker, but I'm
willing to test kernel-patches to see if they cause/cure instability.

Best Regards

Kenneth Vestergaard Schmidt
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