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SubjectRe: Adaptec SCSI driver lockups
>Hello Justin and Alan,
>There was some garbage printed to the /var/log/messages before the
>lockup but it is unreadable.

It may have been corrupted by the hang/crash. This is why using
a serial console is *always* the best bet for tracking down these
kinds of issues.

>If I use the append="aic7xxx=verbose"
>in my lilo.conf will it log extra messages in /var/log/messages?

The messages are printed to the console and, if syslogd is running,
will be recorded in /var/log/messages. However, there is always
a delay between the error being printed and syslogd getting that
text to disk. A serial console doesn't have this problem.

>If so,
>will it be useful enough to figure out what the problem is?

I'll let you know when I see the messages. ;-)

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