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SubjectRe: VM Requirement Document - v0.0

> > Getting the user's "interactive" programs loaded back
> > in afterwards is a separate, much more difficult problem
> > IMHO, but no doubt still has a reasonable solution.
> Possibly stupid suggestion... Maybe the interactive/GUI programs should wake
> up once in a while and touch a couple of their pages? Go too far with this
> and you'll just get in the way of performance, but I don't think it would
> hurt to have processes waking up every couple of minutes and touching glibc,
> libqt, libgtk, etc so they stay hot in memory... A very slow incremental
> "caress" of the address space could eliminate the
> "I-just-logged-in-this-morning-and-dammit-everything-has-been-paged-out"
> problem.

Ugh... Ouch.... Ugly, indeed.

What you might want to do is

while true; do
cat /usr/lib/libc* > /dev/null; sleep 1m
cat /usr/lib/qt* > /dev/null; sleep 1m

running on your system...

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