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SubjectRe: [PATCH] ACP Modem (Mwave)
> The patch has been updated...  The updates primarily consist of Alan's
> suggested changes below... (thank you) It applies against the 2.4.6
> kernel...

A quick glance through it:

dsp3780I_WriteDStore still touches user space with a spinlock held
(also doesnt check the get_user return)

The ioctl handlers do not check copy_from_user/to_user returns

IOCTL_MW_UNREGISTER_IPC will oops if fed bogus info (ipcnum should be

The return should be -ENOTTY not -ENOIOCTLCMD unless its internal code
that catches NOIOCTLCMD and changes it before user space sees it

mwave_Read should be -EINVAL not -ENOSYS (ENOSYS means the entire read syscall
in the OS isnt there)

In debug mode mwave_write accesses user space directly and may crash

Trivial item - coding style uses foo(void) not foo() to indicate functions
taking no arguments

Still have globals like "dspio" "uartio" "ClaimResources" etc

whats wrong with tp3780_uart_io etc for globals ?

Otherwise it looks close to ready


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