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SubjectRe: Hardware testing [was Re: VIA Southbridge bug (Was: Crash on boot (2.4.5))]
Rob Landley writes:

> The third thing (which started this thread) was memory bus. The new 3DNow
> optimizations drove a memory bus into failure, and that IS processor
> specific...
> memtest86 is great becuase it ONLY tests memory. CPUburn is similarly
> specific. A memory bus buster would be a good tool to add to the mix. (DMA
> is another common problem, but the more I look into it, the more it seems to
> be dependent on whatever peripheral you're talking to, which is more
> complication than I'm looking to bite off...)

DMA could be done in a sane manner. Let drivers register a function
to excercise DMA. When you want to test, tell all registered drivers
to start wild excessive DMA. Use a timer to stop this, because you
might end up pretty well locked out of your system while the bus is
busy moving test data.
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