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SubjectRe: "Trying to free nonexistent swap-page" error message.
On Wed, Jul 11, 2001 at 12:58:12PM +0200, Johan Simon Seland wrote:
> Troy Benjegerdes <> writes:
> > My first guess would be hardware also, except in this case I've seen
> > similiar things on three different dual processor G4 systems running 2.2,
> > and they work fine with 2.4.
> I have replaced all the memory with fresh 4x512MB REGISTRED ECC RAM,
> and it has been running stable for 8 days now. I also replaced the
> SCSI cables. 2.4 is not an option.

If you have several identical machines running oracle, and the machine is
stable after changing the RAM & scsi cables, my guess it was a RAM
or cable problem.

> > Does Oracle for Linux us pthreads or the 'clone()' system call?
> I am not really sure. How do I find out?
> > Can you try running the included pthreads program on an 2.2.19 SMP system
> > (but make it's idle, since if this is a genric 2.2 SMP bug it will
> > probably crash the system)
> Sorry, I am not going to risk bringing down the database with your
> program. Its to critical for our business. (The database contains all
> stock quotes for Oslo, Stockholm, Frankfurt, NYSE, AMEX and NASDAQ
> stock exchanges and they are updated 24/7. I can only bring it down in
> weekends, and only if it really important.)
> However I have access to a few other dual boxen. (2x550, 2x350, 2x166
> and a dual SparcStation 20). I can run your program on them with stock
> 2.2.19 SMP if you want me to.

I don't think it will show anything.. I've manged to find a dual PPro to
run on and didn't see any problems. I think it's a PPC specific problem.

Thanks though.

Troy Benjegerdes | master of mispeeling | 'da hozer' |
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