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SubjectRe: Problems with eepro100 and kernel 2.4.6
Martin Knoblauch wrote:
> >I have just upgraded from Linux Kernel 2.4.5 to 2.4.6 and I have a small annoying problem with >the eepro100 driver. Every time I put my system into an APM suspend and
> >then resume the machine, the driver stops working and will not let me bring up the interface >until I remove the module and reinstall it. I am using the exact same config as I
> >did in 2.4.5. Computer is a Compaq Armada M700. I inserted in this message what I do at the >command line and my syslog. It's not a big issue, just something that is a little
> >annoying.
> >
> >Mike Crawford
> Mike,
> this one maybe related to the report I did on Monday (2.4.6.-ac2:
> Problems with eepro100), although my problems only started (surfaced)
> when going from 2.4.6-ac1 to -ac2. What kind of system do you have?
> Laptop? Which make?
> Martin


could you just check out this small patch? It disables putting the
eepro100 into D2 mode at all. Not a solution, but maybe a hint if it
scares away the problem.

% linux-2.4.6-ac2/drivers/net > diff -rc1 eepro100.c-orig eepro100.c***
eepro100.c-orig Wed Jul 11 13:39:40 2001
--- eepro100.c Wed Jul 11 13:27:43 2001
*** 1854,1856 ****

! pci_set_power_state(sp->pdev, 2);

--- 1854,1856 ----

! pci_set_power_state(sp->pdev, 0); /* MKN */

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