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SubjectRe: Hardware testing [was Re: VIA Southbridge bug (Was: Crash on boot (2.4.5))]
On Tue, Jul 10, 2001 at 11:28:25AM -0400, you [Rob Landley] claimed:
> The downside of a test like gcc is that it does test many things, meaning
> when it fails you still don't know why.


> memtest86 is great becuase it ONLY tests memory.

Yes, and because it also accurately tells you which memory location is bad.
(This can't be easily done from user space, I gather). You can use this
information to workaround the memory problem with the BadRam patch from Rick
Van Rein.

> CPUburn is similarly specific. A memory bus buster would be a good tool
> to add to the mix. (DMA is another common problem, but the more I look
> into it, the more it seems to be dependent on whatever peripheral you're
> talking to, which is more complication than I'm looking to bite off...)


> It might be possible to put all three testers into a menu where you could
> switch on and off what you wanted to test, and run them overnight. That way,
> if you are testing for three things (perhaps alternating tests every few
> minutes?), and you get it to fail, you can switch some off to get more
> specific tests to narrow down the problem...

Actually lilo is just about enough for a such menu system...

Something like

image = /boot/memtest86
label = memtest86
image = /boot/vmlinux
label = cpuburn
root = /dev/hda2
append = "init=/usr/local/bin/burnP6"
image = /boot/vmlinux
label = cpuburn
root = /dev/hda2
append = "init=/usr/local/bin/testDMA"

It would take some scripting to alternate the tests automatically, but
perhaps it could be done.

> I've heard of ceberus but thought it was just a disk test suite... One more
> thing to download and look into... (If the tests in it can be switched
> on/off, maybe this is what I'm looking for...)

AFAIK it's a pretty complete test suite VA uses (used?) for testing their
hw. I'm not sure, though.

-- v --
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