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Chris Wedgwood writes:
> What kind of packing makes a 32-bit value take 8-bytes on any
> currently supported archicture? The worst-case I can think of is
> 7-bytes in the case of misaligned by 3 (e.g. __attribute__((packed))
> struct blah { char foo[3]; long bar }; sort of thing).

If you have this:

struct {
u32 foo;
void *bar;

"bar" will be at offset 8 on a 64-bit platforms since it must be
aligned on a 64-byte boundary, so what Jes is saying is that for:

struct {
dma_addr_t foo;
void *bar;

the "dma_addr_t" is already consuming 8 bytes of space on 64-bit

David S. Miller

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