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Subjectdisk full or not? you decide...
i am not a subscriber to the list but i need the help of anyone
on the list who might have some insite into this problem. please
remember to cc me on your reply. thanks!

we are using reiserfs on a system running 2.4.3 (i think i put all
of the relavant patches into the kernel before i built it then...)
we have a partition that is used when encoding ripped songs and
storing large files such as video and music. we noticed recently
that the partition reported itself as being full. after a reboot
the system reported having 6G freed. now again after a day of use
the space has dissappered. df now returns:
Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on
/dev/hda5 706M 229M 477M 32% /
/dev/hda2 55M 36M 19M 65% /boot
/dev/hda7 1.0G 95M 932M 9% /usr/local
/dev/hda8 26G 22G 3.7G 85% /Assets
however if you run du on the /Assets dir you get:
8.3G /Assets
does anyone know why this is happening? our guess is that the logs
to reiser are getting quite large. how do we flush them and force
a garbage collection? we save and remove several large files on this
partition as the system is running. therefore, i figure that the
space is kept around till the log is flushed in case it is needed for
replaying the journal. am i totaly off?

i would like to upgrade the kernel but we have several third party
dependencies that keep us from doing that on a fast enough pace to
keep up with the 2.4.x series.

thanks again for any help that can be given. remember to cc me in

shawn veader --oOo-- linux os developer |
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