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Subjecta Preliminary Linux porting Guide draft, please give your feedback and corrections

Over the last few weeks, I had looked into Linux from _porting
perspective_, but as there where no good porting guides, I thought I will
put down what ever I find into a document format.

So I have uploaded it into my website - my work/my documents section (Linux and Portability)

or if the direct link can be accesed then

It talks about the Hardware Abstraction Layer of Linux, which one has to
update/modify in order for Linux to work on a new target.

So do go thro it, had give me your suggestions and any corrections.

Also a strange thing happened in that the earlier emails which I had sent
to the list along with the html doc as attachment never surfaced on the
list. I did that so that I can get feedback on it before I put it on my site.
However because of the problem, this time I haven't attached it to the

So If anyone got this email earlier, then I apologize for this repeat. I
am sending this again as I will be happy to know as to how right or wrong
I am regarding Linux porting issues.

Keep :-)

On Fri, 6 Jul 2001 wrote:
> My earlier mail to the list seems to have gone into oblivion. So I am
> resending it. This is a preliminary attempt at describing the HAL related
> (porting) issues in Linux, If there are any errors in the document, or if
> On Tue, 3 Jul 2001, Hanish Menon C wrote:
> > Recently I have started looking into porting Linux to new targets and
> > boards. As part of it, when I couldn't find much documents to help me out,
> > I thought I will put some of the things I come across into a document form
> > and put it up for others.

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