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SubjectRe: BIOS, Duron4 specifics...
On Tue, 10 Jul 2001, Dave Jones wrote:

> On Tue, 10 Jul 2001, John Clemens wrote:
> > I've got a new laptop with an AMD Duron in it, based on the Athlon4 core
> > (PowerNow, SSE, hardware prefetch, etc.. Palomino core).. However, it
> > appears none of the useful features are enabled in the bios. For example,
> > Nowhere does it appear to enable SSE or the APIC.
> afair, the mobile Durons are not based upon the Athlon 4 core, and
> hence won't have the features you mention. You can verify this with
> my x86info tool which you can get from

Actually, CPUID reports Family 6, Model 6, Rev2, which corellates directly
to Athlon4/MP (Model 6) processors. Whats surprising is that is doesn't
report model 7, which AMD claims is supposed to be the mobile Duron ;)..
make me wonder if it's really a neutered Athlon4. Besides, I though the
origional mobile durons (T-bird core, model 3) didn't even support

FYI: This is an HP 5430 notebook. Duron 850.

In either case, i think it really does have all these features, but feel
free to prove me wrong..

> I'd be interested in getting the output of x86info -a on this
> send to me by private mail btw.

will do. By the way, nice utility!

> The kernel side implementation of this lives in Russell King's CVS.
> Grab it using..
> cvs -d login
> cvs -d checkout cpufreq
> cvs commit list:

Thanks for the pointer. I'll grab this and have a look at it


John Clemens ICQ: 7175925, IM: PianoManO8
"I Hate Quotes" -- Samuel L. Clemens

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