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SubjectBIOS, Duron4 specifics...

Sorry if this is a little offtopic but I'm stumped...

I've got a new laptop with an AMD Duron in it, based on the Athlon4 core
(PowerNow, SSE, hardware prefetch, etc.. Palomino core).. However, it
appears none of the useful features are enabled in the bios. For example,
Nowhere does it appear to enable SSE or the APIC. Is there anyway I can
get at least UP-APIC working without BIOS help? I really don't like
having 4 things on IRQ11... and how about SSE (fully realizing i'd have
to hack the kernel)? It may or may not be worth it, but i'd like to play
with it just to see.

Also, whats the state of powernow/clock throttling support? I know there
was talk of a generic power management/clock control interface a while
back, where is that project/whats it's status/etc?


John Clemens ICQ: 7175925, IM: PianoManO8
"I Hate Quotes" -- Samuel L. Clemens

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