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SubjectRe: ASUS A7V/Thunderbird 1GHz lockup problems observation w/fix for me
>    Ever since building this system there have been spontaneous and
> unpredictable lockups, usually at least once per day. Sometimes several per
> day. The lockup is sometimes preceded by X starting to display things
> strangely (on a Voodoo 3 w/XF 4.X). Then I have a few minutes to reboot
> before it hangs (can't log in using ssh from another system.)
> With the Northbridge discussion, I couldn't pinpoint anything to fix it,
> so I started experimenting.
> Things got better by upgrading the BIOS; but still many hangs.
> I've discovered that changing the CPU voltage from the default to 1.75V
> results in a stable system. Higher than that doesn't work. Lower still gets
> lockups.
> It doesn't look like everyone has this problem with similar setups. But
> if there are others, I wanted to share this discovery.

How good is your power supply?
Only to be sure. You know about AMD's recommendations for a proper power
supply if you are building an AMD Athlon/Duron system.
Things going better with Athlon (MP) 4 and mobile Duron.
The dual Athlon MP systems are another story...
...but smooth performer (I love it).

MSI has a very good summary on there German website.
I've piped it through Babel and sounds a bit funny, but anyway:-)

Ref NR: 09-0001

The operating system cannot be installed with my new MSI Main board.

A cause:
High requirements of electric current of new PCUs, diagram cards, large
memory modules and some PCI cards (e.g. TV cards) provide for it that the
usual 250 Watts of power packs the necessary performance any longer do not

MSI recommends to use a sufficiently dimmensioniertes power pack with
following minimum values.
+3.3 V - 20 ampere
+5.0 V - 30 ampere
Power packs with these values have usually a total output of ca.350 Watt.
Please you consider however it by this also power packs give those the
specification given above do not fulfill (server power packs) and therefore
are unsuitable.

Ref NR: 09-0003

Why does my Athlon Main board have so high requirements of electric current?

Measurements or specification in the AMD data sheets resulted in, measured
the following current loads on the particularly critical 3.3V-Leitung during
a time demo 1 (Crusher) of Quake 3 on a MS-6167 or a MS-6195 K7T pro:

Component: Maximum stream on 3.3V
AMD Athlon (all clock frequencies) 9,6 A
Main board + 3 DIMM of modules 2,0 A
NVIDIA Geforce 256 8,6 A
Total: 20,2 A

I am, like Alan Cox (:-) on the Athlon track since August '99 and my local
dealer where I do Linux consulting sells over 95% AMD CPUs since then...


Dieter Nützel
Graduate Student, Computer Science

University of Hamburg
Department of Computer Science
Cognitive Systems Group
Vogt-Kölln-Straße 30
D-22527 Hamburg, Germany


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