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SubjectRe: Uncle Sam Wants YOU!
On Sunday 01 July 2001 11:02, Rick Hohensee ignorantly blabbered:
> > Pardon me, but what does this have to do with Linux or the Linux
> > Kernel?!?! Post this on the usenet under advocacy, but please don't
> > litter up the kernel listserver with this.
> What this has to do with Linux is that throughout the whole process
> Microsoft has been putting Linux in the news, on the front page, and now
> is the opportunity for the people who have been damaged by Microsoft, the
> people that have very good reasons to be massively dissatisfied with
> Windows, a set of people that the readers of this list exemplifies, have
> an opportunity to speak on the matter in a helpful and substantive way
> that will be of more benefit than any work directly on Linux itself can
> be, to the computer world generally and to Linux.

I'm going to take a break from lurking to point out that I am not
dissatisfied with Windows. It has its uses, as do Linux (and NetBSD, and
Solaris, and the other operating systems I have installed at home). Frankly,
I don't have a problem with Microsoft. If I don't like their product, I'm
free to choose not to use it.

Kurt Weber
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