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SubjectRe: Uncle Sam Wants YOU!
Hua Zhong wrote:

>-> From Kurt Maxwell Weber <> :
>>You can choose to work somewhere else, or choose to enter a different field.
>There are a lot of people who don't know how to use Linux/Unix. Windows is
>much easier for them and has more applications. They practically have no
>other choice if they have to use a computer in their jobs (maybe they can
>One of my dreams is someday Linux can really be a great desktop operating
>system, but you know that's not yet real now.
Yes, and I am not arguing that all my customers should go Linux. But the
way that MS goes marketing their crappy products, bundling w/ Windblows
is atrocious. I have gotten very sick and tired of every one thinking
that because Word is MS product, it must be perfect, or if not perfect,
and least the best possible. I am also sick of being expected to use MS
products, or lose out on school assignments and business b/c M$ was an
asshole and doesn't support Wordperfect, Star Office, etc (yes, I know
that star office can read word)

Because of their predatory practices I am stuck w/ their mediocre
products. I must support their products; I am expected to get a MCSE so
I can get a job (at the moment I work for my father, so I don't need one).

If I want to set up a Linux server (my father and I are working on
making this a solution for a few of our larger customers) I still have
to deal with interoperatbility with a system that breaks all the rules
(standards) makes their own, etc.

Yes, I do do the work, b/c it makes me money (not enough, b/c I can't
get enuff hours, but the hourly pay is terrific), doesn't mean that I
have a choice of whom I support. Yes, I could just drop the field. But
that would mean giving up, and that doesn't sound like a choice either.
So I work within the system to change it. Meanwhile, if this was
something else, I could probably sue for emotional damage or something
else (tongue in cheek). If I was imprisoned wrongly, I could get
compensation right(don't ansewer this, it's rhetorical).

But don't just tell me to butt out, b/c I can't change it. I refuse to
believe that.


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