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SubjectRe: [CHECKER] security rules? (and 2.4.5-ac4 security bug)
On Mon, Jun 04, 2001 at 08:20:01AM -0400, Hank Leininger wrote:
> On 2001-06-03, Dawson Engler <engler@csl.Stanford.EDU> wrote:
> > Additionally, do people have suggestions for good security rules?
> > We're looking to expand our security checkers. Right now we just have
> > checkers that warn when:
> Do you already have checks for signed/unsigned issues? Those often result
> in security problems, although you may already be checking for them simply
> for reliable-code purposes. ...Hm, looking at the archives, I see Chris
> Evans responded about signedness issues when you asked last month :-P

Indeed; the bug in the uuid_strategy which you pointed out in the
random driver wasn't caused by the fact that we were using a
user-specified length (since the length was being capped to a maximum
value of 16). The security bug was that the test was done on a signed
value, and copy_to_user() takes an unsigned value.

So your checker found a real bug, but it wasn't the one that the
checker thought it was. :-)

Alan, I assume you've fixed this already, but here's a patch in case
you haven't. Note this also fixes the problem the problem pointed out
by Florian Weimer about copy_to_user being passed a null pointer in
the RANDOM_UUID case.

- Ted

--- random.c 2001/06/09 18:05:08 1.1
+++ random.c 2001/06/09 18:05:19
@@ -1793,7 +1793,7 @@
void *newval, size_t newlen, void **context)
unsigned char tmp_uuid[16], *uuid;
- int len;
+ unsigned int len;

if (!oldval || !oldlenp)
return 1;
@@ -1810,7 +1810,7 @@
if (len) {
if (len > 16)
len = 16;
- if (copy_to_user(oldval, table->data, len))
+ if (copy_to_user(oldval, uuid, len))
return -EFAULT;
if (put_user(len, oldlenp))
return -EFAULT;
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