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Subject2.2.19 DMA problem
Hi there.

A friend of mine is having a problem with the 2.2.19 kernel on one of
his boxes, and has asked for some advice which is beyond my experience
so I'm asking here: Is this a kernel problem or something else?

First, the hardware, as best we can determine:

Vesa VLB motherboard, model unknown.
Intel 486dx4/100 stepping 0.
48 Mb of RAM
eth0 is an RTL8009 chipset configured for 0x300/IRQ9
Serial port 0x3f8/4 (16550A) connects to an external modem
Serial port 0x2f8/3 (16550A) is unused

The boix in question isn't used for compiling, but here's what the
ver_linux script from 2.2.18 produced on it:

util-linux: 2.10f
modutils: 2.3.21
e2fsprogs: 1.18
PPP: 2.3.11
Linux C Library: 2.1.3
Dynamic Linker (ldd): 2.1.3
Procps: 2.0.6
Net-tools: 1.54
Console-tools: 0.3.3
Sh-utils: 2.0

The machine that compiled the kernel has:

Gnu-C: egcs-2.91.66
Gnu Make: 3.77

The problem machine irregularly spams the following over both the
console and syslog (taken from syslog):

Q> Jun 9 17:34:04 Doorstep kernel: eth0: DMAing conflict in
Q> ne_block_output.[DMAstat:1][irqlock:1][intr:0]
Q> Jun 9 17:34:04 Doorstep kernel: eth0: DMAing conflict in
Q> ne_get_8390_hdr.[DMAstat:1][irqlock:0][intr:1]

When this happens, the spam can be stopped by `ifconfig eth0 down` but
the card is totally dead and can only be restarted by rebooting the

Can anybody advise on likely solutions, as this is his firewall
gateway machine, so causes quite a bit of inconvenience.

Best wishes from Riley.

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