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SubjectRe: [linux-usb-devel] usb.c: USB device not accepting new address=4 (error=-110)
Then whatever sets up your ServerWorks ServerSet III LE chipset
needs its PCI IRQ setup fixed ... I'm not sure how to do this.

Perhaps someone who's familiar with arch/i386/kernel/pci-*.c
irq setup can suggest the right patch for this problem. I think
the "dmesg" output in your original post probably had the info
needed to figure that out.

- Dave

> From: "Ingo Oeser" <>
> Sent: Saturday, June 09, 2001 12:19 AM
> > David Brownell wrote:
> > Can you verify, using /proc/interrupts, that you're actually
> > getting interrupts on irq #30 when these timeouts happen?
> I get none:
> 30: 0 0 IO-APIC-level usb-ohci
> > One possibility: the timeout happens because the HCD
> > is not getting the interrupts it expects. That would imply
> > that the PCI IRQ setup for this device isn't quite right.
> > Such problems have been seen before.
> This seems to be my problem. How can I solve this?
> My BIOS cannot set a specific IRQ for USB like other BIOSes do.
> And now that you say^W it, I remember sth. like this on
> linux-kernel... I just didn't know the messages...
> Thanks and Regards
> Ingo Oeser

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