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SubjectRe: VM Report was:Re: Break 2.4 VM in five easy steps
>>>>> "Tobias" == Tobias Ringstrom <> writes:

Tobias> On Fri, 8 Jun 2001, Mike Galbraith wrote:

>> I gave this a shot at my favorite vm beater test (make -j30 bzImage)
>> while testing some other stuff today.

Tobias> Could you please explain what is good about this test? I
Tobias> understand that it will stress the VM, but will it do so in a
Tobias> realistic and relevant way?

I agree, this isn't really a good test case. I'd rather see what
happens when you fire up a gimp session to edit an image which is
*almost* the size of RAM, or even just 50% the size of ram. Then how
does that affect your other processes that are running at the same

This testing could even be automated with the script-foo stuff to get
consistent results across runs, which is the prime requirement of any
sort of testing.

On another issue, in swap.c we have two defines for buffer_mem and
page_cache, but the first maxes out at 60%, while the cache maxes out
at 75%. Shouldn't they both be lower numbers? Or at least equally

I've set my page_cache maximum to be 60, I'll be trying to test it
over the weekend, but good weather will keep me outside doing other

John Stoffel - Senior Unix Systems Administrator - Lucent Technologies - - 978-952-7548
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