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SubjectEaryly Cyrix CPUs was Re: Missing cache flush.

> > 3. Buggy implementations like the Cyrix 486es that don't properly maintain
> > cache coherency.
> The early Cyrix CPUs (and some 1.x rev 6x86 cpus I believe too) arent supported
> and dont work. The problem is best corrected with a hammer and a visit to
> ebay

What is list of cpu's not supported? I want one ;-).

[It is even more broken than 386? Wow!]

[Is it really not work-aroundable? LIke declaring no DMA on system and using
PIO for floppy?]
Philips Velo 1: 1"x4"x8", 300gram, 60, 12MB, 40bogomips, linux, mutt,
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