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SubjectQuestion on Loop and PPDD devices

I'm quite new to kernel development, please advice....

Got some questions about Loop and PPDD Devices.

*For 2.2 kernels, there are loop-specific modifications in ll_rw_block.c, in
make_request(), where the max_req is divided by two. Comments read: loop
uses two requests, 1 for loop and the other for real device.

Q1. How is it exactly using two requests?

Q2. Requests are made to the loop device and when will it generate another
request to the real device?

Q3. Does the loop device have its own request queue? Or is it using the same
request queue as the actual device it is associated with?

Q4. What is the relationship between loop device driver and the actual disc
driver? How/When is data actually written/read from the disk?

Q4. Where can I gather more information on the principles behind the how
loop devices work? Any particular person who might be able to help?

*I'm Using ppdd to encrypt my swap data, it is very similar to the loop
device. Currently as suggested by the instructions, I'm using a swap file in
an encrypted partition. I'm trying to port it to the 2.2.14-5.0(Redhat 6.2
Kernel)and noticed that when I try to run something like "make -j 3" , there
are errors in decryption. This did not happen on a standard 2.2.13 kernel.
Sometimes it deadlocks as well(quite intermittent, but usually when I just
changed the swap space to the encrypted file).

Q6: What should I be looking for in order to port it to that kernel?
Understand there are changes to buffer.c and various other files related to
block I/O, and possibly some to memory management as well.

PS.. I'm currently not subscribed to this mailing list, please send replies
directly to my email address.

Thank You in Advance,

Louis Lam

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